What Worked in the Field This Year

Sep 13, 2023 | 0 comments

Evert year is obviously different. In 2022 almost everything worked. From different tillage practices to fertilizer programs to crop protection programs. Raising 220 bushel corn in 2022 was about as easy as I have ever seen in my lifetime.

This year is a little different, actually a lot different. We saw an early season drought event, some rain in July, and then a late season drought event. I believe yields will be all over the board. We will have both surprises and disappointments in both corn and soybeans.

From what I’m seeing in the fields right now is that applications of fungicides and late season plant growth regulators will pay dividends. The two pictures included in this post are of very similar hybrids if not identical hybrids planted in the same area on the same soil type. Both are corn on corn planted just days apart. The treated corn (green) and the untreated corn (dead) shows what crop protection products can do in a very dry year. Fungicides and plant growth regulators work wonders when a plant is stressed whether we have wet or dry conditions and we where definitely on the dry side this year. Just some results I’m seeing now stay tuned for more notes from the field.

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