About Us

In 2002, Gripp Custom Farming Corp. became a full service retail agriculture business located in Sheffield, IL. In 2022, we expanded to Wyanet, IL with two more locations. We pride ourselves on being a family owned, multi-generational and independent business with experience in all facets of the farming lifestyle. Our current offerings include chemical and fertilizer sales, ground application, aerial drone application, residue management, soil testing and field mapping. Being farmers ourselves, we know the importance of a bottom line and using products that work and will bring value to your farm. Our team is here to give our input, experience, and top of the line service to you. Please reach out! We would love the chance to talk about what we have to offer and explain how we would like to see your yields, and bottom line improve to make your farm more profitable!



3981 1945 North Avenue
Sheffield, Illinois 61361

Phone: 815-454-9600

West Wyanet

401 West Main Street
Wyanet, Illinois 61379

Phone: 833-454-9600

East Wyanet

121 East Main Street
Wyanet, IL 61379

Phone: 815-699-7003

Farming Through The Generations

Robert Gripp harvesting circa 1960

Gripp Harvest in 1960

Robert Gripp and Grandson Chase 2001

Gripp Harvest in 2013

Gripp Harvest in 2018

Gripp Harvest in 2018